Bring your plans – we’ll make your product!

After earning over 45 patents at GE, inventor Winston Shelton and his brother started an engineering prototype service. They quickly found themselves very busy, bending metal and providing expert engineering and fabrication services to others. That work led Colonel Sanders to Winston and their innovation evolved into manufacturing foodservice equipment.

And we’ve continued to grow. Winston Manufacturing has spent millions on the equipment and skilled talent it takes to build the highest quality foodservice equipment in the world.

With decades of experience, we’ve gotten pretty darned good at making something from just a flat piece of metal and an drawing.

Winston Manufacturing now offers laser precise sheet metal fabrication and assembly to businesses and others that don’t want to invest in costly labor and equipment.

You can take advantage of our deep experience and high quality no matter what market or industry you’re in. Contact us for a facilities tour and let’s get your product into production.

Your time is money. Let Winston Manufacturing save you both!