Winston Team
Winston Manufacturing was formed to answer metal fabrication needs and deliver innovative solutions. Our decades of experience as a foodservice equipment manufacturer and serious multi-million dollar investments in flexible metal fabrication technology put us in a position to offer something unique as a comprehensive manufacturing supplier. With a passion for metal working and problem solving, we launched Winston Manufacturing to make our extensive capabilities available to a wide range of manufacturers and entrepreneurial visionaries everywhere.

Winston Manufacturing believes in making our highly skilled and experienced team an extension of your business. Our ethics and culture are focused on meeting your needs and serving your best interests. We approach every project with a philosophy of collaboration, flexibility, and discovery of endless possibilities.

Winston Manufacturing is led by General Manager, Bob Leavitt, who has been with Winston since 2001. He brings decades of experience in the powered metal and fabrication industries as well as substantial experience in manufacturing.  He and our exceptional team of engineers focus on understanding the needs and objectives of every customer. We specialize in thinking beyond the typical approach to not only solve problems and meet needs, but to discover better ways of doing things.

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