Would Your Business Benefit from Sub-Contract Manufacturing?

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Many OEMs face a variety of manufacturing challenges that hinder production capability and profitability. Sub-contract manufacturing has proven to be a highly effective strategy for many businesses looking to expand production capacity to meet growing demand and improve bottom line. Outsourcing allows businesses to grow without increasing overhead or tying up in-house assets. The decision… Read more »

Kentucky Positioned to Grow as a Manufacturing Hub

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Big things are happening in the Bluegrass State. According to Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, “An exciting new economic development day is dawning in the Commonwealth. The nation and the world are taking notice.” This seems to be especially true of manufacturing in Kentucky. A recent Kentucky Association of Manufacturers article reports that in just eight… Read more »

Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Keep Production within the USA

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Faced with the need to significantly reduce costs and improve their bottom line, many US businesses have opted to move product manufacturing and assembly from the U.S. to foreign countries with abundant low-cost labor.  This tactic of exporting manufacturing jobs has not been without consequences. These include both a long-term detrimental impact on the US… Read more »

The Winston Difference in Handling Large Production Runs

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When it comes to choosing a manufacturing partner to handle your large production runs, you have a lot of options. Understanding the advantages offered by each manufacturer you consider will mean the difference between simply getting the job done and getting superior products that are efficiently produced for the highest levels of profitability. Winston Manufacturing… Read more »

5 Ways Prototypes Help New Product Development

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Creating a prototype is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the process of developing a new product. A prototype brings your idea to life in ways that one-dimensional conceptual drawings simply cannot match. The benefits of a prototype go far beyond the visual and tactile satisfaction of an actual sample of… Read more »

Three Ideas for Improving Manufacturing Quality and Reducing Costs

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Effective management includes controlling costs in the manufacturing environment. Eliminating poor quality in manufacturing is an excellent way to reduce costs. Reduction of scrap material, improving labor efficiency, and speeding up production time can all be tangible benefits of improving quality in manufacturing. In order to implement lasting and impactful changes, a team approach is… Read more »

Providing All of Your Manufacturing Needs

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Many businesses are moving in the direction of outsourced manufacturing to keep their operations efficient and profitable. Outsourced manufacturing allows businesses to avoid the costs associated with equipment ownership and specialized labor. Beyond the benefits of outsourcing, lean businesses can gain further advantages by choosing a manufacturing partner with full-service capabilities to meet their needs… Read more »

Subcontracting Full Product Manufacturing

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For some product manufacturers it makes sense to have the completion of all components and subassemblies done in house. Companies that produce a proprietary product, for example, may not want any part of their process to be known outside of their premises. For many companies, however, manufacturing in house is complicated and costly. Subcontracting some… Read more »

Off-Loading the Manufacturing Burden

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A key goal of most businesses, regardless of size or industry, is to lower operating costs and become more profitable. Businesses can do many things to pursue this goal, including the implementation of lean principles and objectives to enhance productivity. Reducing the cost of doing business is perhaps the most direct way to increase profit… Read more »