Automated Fabrication –Science Fiction to Reality

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Ever since we heard Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise utter the phrase “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” to a hole in the wall and then start sipping from his glass cup, we’ve been enthralled with the possibility of machines that could create something out of nothing. Having a “replicator” that can create a nice, hot… Read more »

The KFC Connection

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Winston Innovation and The Solution that Helped Build a Brand The Winston Manufacturing tradition of metal fabrication innovation began in the 1960’s when Winston Shelton left GE to form a new prototyping business with his brother, Naaman Shelton.  Winston Shelton had twenty years of experience working at GE with over 45 patents to his credit…. Read more »

Four Things You Should Look for in a Metal Fabrication Supplier

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When you are looking for a production partner or need a prototype to launch a new product, finding the right metal fabrication supplier is crucial to the success of your project. If you choose a metal fabrication supplier not qualified nor well-matched with your metal fabricating needs it could cost you in terms of product… Read more »

Custom Metal Fabrication for Your Products

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When developing a new product for market, custom metal fabrication provides the ideal solution for getting from concept to physical product. Custom metal fabrication can also be the best process for improving the design of an existing product to lower production costs, enhance quality, or address defects. Custom Metal Fabrication vs Stock Metal Fabrication In… Read more »