Would Your Business Benefit from Sub-Contract Manufacturing?

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Many OEMs face a variety of manufacturing challenges that hinder production capability and profitability. Sub-contract manufacturing has proven to be a highly effective strategy for many businesses looking to expand production capacity to meet growing demand and improve bottom line. Outsourcing allows businesses to grow without increasing overhead or tying up in-house assets. The decision… Read more »

Winston Celebrates National Welding Month

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The American Welding Society (AWS) has declared April, “National Welding Month.”  The purpose of National Welding Month is to recognize and appreciate the impact quality welding work has on so many aspects of our daily lives. From manufacturing facilities to automotive assembly plants to construction sites, skilled welding professionals are hard at work building the… Read more »

Automated Fabrication –Science Fiction to Reality

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Ever since we heard Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise utter the phrase “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” to a hole in the wall and then start sipping from his glass cup, we’ve been enthralled with the possibility of machines that could create something out of nothing. Having a “replicator” that can create a nice, hot… Read more »

Kentucky Positioned to Grow as a Manufacturing Hub

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Big things are happening in the Bluegrass State. According to Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, “An exciting new economic development day is dawning in the Commonwealth. The nation and the world are taking notice.” This seems to be especially true of manufacturing in Kentucky. A recent Kentucky Association of Manufacturers article reports that in just eight… Read more »

Winston Manufacturing Welcomes New Sales Development Manager Stephanie Kharizanova

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Growing its ability to supply manufacturing clients with prototypes to full contract manufacturing, Winston Manufacturing welcomes Stephanie Kharizanova to its team of manufacturing solution providers. “Stephanie’s experience in sales and her network of past clients will be a great asset to Winston Manufacturing as we continue to grow our client base in the region and… Read more »

Three Ideas for Improving Manufacturing Quality and Reducing Costs

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Effective management includes controlling costs in the manufacturing environment. Eliminating poor quality in manufacturing is an excellent way to reduce costs. Reduction of scrap material, improving labor efficiency, and speeding up production time can all be tangible benefits of improving quality in manufacturing. In order to implement lasting and impactful changes, a team approach is… Read more »

Winston Manufacturing Launches Newly Updated Website

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Winston Manufacturing is proud to announce the recent release of our newly expanded website featuring details on our full scope of metalworking and metal fabrication services. The attractive, user-friendly design of our new site enables readers to find key information through descriptive content, images, and video messaging. The easy-to-navigate format takes readers through three main… Read more »