Enjoy the advantages of working with an experienced partner that provides expertise in all facets of product design and development. You will experience a level of product design assistance and support from the earliest stages through final production that far surpasses that offered by the one-size-fits-all job shops.

Perfecting Your Prototype Design

Working with you early on in the development stage enables us to provide you with comprehensive product design assistance. Not only are you assisted in optimizing your product design, our team helps you to discover opportunities for improvement in your manufacturing process. By making enhancements that reduce waste and cut production time, your profitability is enhanced. Small run capabilities allow us to test run various configurations until your perfect solution is achieved.

Unmatched Design to Production Capability

Our investment in Salvagnini P4 technology provides our team with superior capabilities and flexibilities for the development of your product prototype. Partnering with Winston for the development of your product design means you are better equipped to successfully bring your product to market.

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Appliance Prototyping

Designs that meet expectations and provide manufacturing advantages

Military Suppliers

Fabricate product designs that meet rigorous government requirements


Take innovative ideas from concept to completion for marketable products

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